Google Forms just got even better (again!)

G Suite has come out with some amazing updates that are what you would call ‘head turners‘!

The most exciting highlight in the most recent post would have to be the ‘File Upload‘  question type in Google Forms. Respondents within your domain can now upload files from their computer or Drive as a question response, which organizes the files neatly in a Drive folder for you!

Visit the official G Suite Updates blog post to see other new exciting updates: Five new ways to reach your goals faster with G Suite.

Add images to questions and answers in Google Forms

Here is an update that is sure to make a lot of teachers happy for the upcoming school year.

As teachers have been moving to Google Apps, they been adopting Forms as well for assessments for, as and of learning. Allowing to have forms grade assessments in a recent update this spring was a step in the right direction and I’m sure that Google has been listening, however, not being able to tie in images to both the question as well as in the answer choices was that last missing piece of the puzzle.

Well, here it is.

Source: Add images to questions and answers in Google Forms

Update your chart(s) from a Google Sheet in Google Docs and Slides with a single click

Update your chartCharts help you display data in a visually compelling way.

At work, the same chart may be used across multiple documents and presentations, to help you better convey your message and strengthen your argument. If that chart changes, it can be tedious and time-consuming to replace it in each and every file.

To save you valuable time, we’re now making it possible to update your chart with a single click—without ever needing to leave your document or presentation.

For more information, visit this page (source).

Google Slides for Desktop Publishing

Google Slides may be used to create stunning presentations with the ability add images, video, links and much more. An ever-growing selection of themes allows users to design.

Often, users want to create newsletters or brochures and need access to desktop publishing tools like Microsoft Publisher.

By simply changing the size of the page, users may create, publish and print dynamic, interactive newsletters using Google Slides.
This presentation you are reading was created using Google Slides!

Click on the image or this link to find out more.

Thank you Joe Sisco!

Google Slides: Let Me Count the Ways

msdrasbyBarbara Drasby (@MsDrasby) has created a collaborative Google slideshow GOOGLE SLIDES: LET ME COUNT THE WAYS. We wanted to share this with you:

  1. for you to get more ideas for good uses of Google Slides
  2. to empower Ms. Drasby and all of the contributors within the slideshow, so to have their thoughts and ideas reach a larger audience.

Thinking of doing something like this for people to contribute ideas:

  • within your school community?
  • in your town/city?
  • globally?

Simply create a Google slides presentation, be sure to enable ‘Anyone can edit’ within the sharing settings, and you’re all set!

EQAO Practice for Grade 9 Math

eqao screenshot (3) would like to introduce a new resource for grade 9 math students (and teachers).

We have taken the multiple choice questions from previous EQAO booklets to create questions sets for students to practice in a digital way, on a laptop, tablet or smartphone.

The goal for GafeHelp is to add more booklets from previous years broken into four parts. The short assessments also provides students a summary at the end of each section of how they did, as well as the option to retry as well.

More questions will be added in the next few weeks.