Differentiated Instruction now possible in Google Classroom

Teachers who were using Google Classroom but taught a split-grade, or for most, have students learning at a different pace. Creating an assignment through Google Classroom didn’t really address these needs.

Until this week.


Google’s official blog announced this week that it has addressed this issue directly, allowing for teachers to offer individualized work for differentiated learning. From the blog post:

Classroom makes it a lot easier for teachers to assign work to individual students and groups based on their unique needs. As they’re creating an assignment, post or question, teachers can choose whether to share it with the entire class or just with a subset of students.

With this feature, students can also discreetly receive extra practice if they’re struggling with a new subject.

For more information related to this update, visit the official blog post:

New Google Classroom features make it easier to learn, teach, manage and build

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