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Form What? Form Ranger – A Google Forms Bestie

A bit of a throwback to the spring of 2019 when I made this video, but seeing that 1) I use it quite frequently and 2) in my opinion given that FormRanger is so invaluable, I thought it was worth a repost.

This is a Google Forms add-on that allows you to do so many things that you just can’t do with Forms alone!

check it out.

FormRanger: Setting Limits to responses in a Google Form

Submitting photos to a Google Form assigned in Google Classroom

Teachers are trying to collect work being completed in the remote learning setting.

These two short videos are examples of how students and/or parents can upload photos to a Google Form, specifically assigned in Google Classroom (although that is not required).

This is likely a popular choice for teachers to collect evidence of learning happening at home in various forms.

Check them out!

How to submit photos to a Google Form assigned in Classroom – Mobile

How to submit photos to a Google Form assigned in Classroom – Desktop

Google Meet updates starting to appear!

Happy to be reporting that Google Meet is now showing some new features for hosts:

  • enabling quick access or not;
  • screen sharing and chat messaging controls.

Another great feature, which appears to be getting ready for breakout rooms (Enterprise only – sigh), is the ability to mute the volume in a Google Meet.

Stay tuned for updates as they happen from the experts at!


Originality Reports in Google Classroom: An Overview

I was finally able to create a quick little overview of originality reports in Google Classroom that provide really useful features for teachers that may not have originality reporting options – or – simply prefer the seamless option of it in Classroom.

This video provides an overview of how and where to access this as you create assignments, as well as both student and teacher perspectives of what this looks like for each of them.

Note: if you have G Suite for Education Enterprise Edition, there are no limits to the number of reports you can attach to assignments. Another great feature, that we hope G Suite for Education will make as an add-on in itself (rather than need to purchase Enterprise to get it), is the capability of comparing student works submitted to your domain.

Click here to jump to the video, which can also be found on our Classroom page.

Using Google Meet within Google Classroom

To manage your synchronous remote learning needs, Google Meet is built into Google Classroom with some pretty neat access restrictions that your domain administrator can set.

For example, one setting is to not allow students (or the OU that they are organized in) to create their own Meetings. With this setting turned off, students also cannot enter a Google Meet setup within Google Classroom without the teacher being present.

Check out this short video – also found on our Classroom page – for a walkthrough on how this work, providing both teacher and student perspectives.

Google Meet Adding New Features for Moderators

We’re back!

After a bit of a hiatus from, I would like to share that I’m back and ready to share new features as they are released as well as any other tips and tricks to show you how awesome G Suite for Education can be for you and your students.

To get started, this fall, a great new feature on a rapid release schedule right now to domains is the ability for Google Meet hosts (teachers typically) enhanced safety controls to manage who can share their screen and who can send chat messages within the meeting.

To find more more about this update, visit the official G Suite Updates Blog post by clicking here.

Looking forward to sharing how awesome G Suite for Education is for you – again!


FormRanger: Setting Limits to responses in a Google Form

Hey everyone!

Sorry for being away for so long. I’m doing my best to maintain this page with new and exciting things in G Suite for Education.

There’s a ton of new stuff, and some new tricks that I hope to show you as well.

Which brings me to this post.

I have been administering PA Day registrations for my school board for a while now using Google Forms. It was until recently that I came across a great video that helps manage the number of times Google Form respondents can select from a provided list of options – in my case, sessions.

I modified one important thing that JZ Prezzavento did; rather than update the options list with a ‘FULL’, I modified the formula so that the session is removed completely from the list! That way, people wouldn’t be able to choose an option with the title FULL, which respondents can technically do.

FormRanger: Setting Limits to responses in a Google Form